Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization.

At the time of user open the report given bellow error thrown by the system. if the administrator open this report then its working fine.

any one have a solution please suggest me.

Error : -

Synchronize database
Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization.
Access Denied: You do not have sufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.

Your user needs to be included in Report Server. And do sync your database as the error says.

Try this,

Navigate to the Report Manager url (http://SSRSREPORTSERVERNAME/Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx), go to the Folder Settings and click on 'New Role Assignment’. Add the appropriate user or group. Make sure they have access to ‘Browser. Content Manager, and DynamicsAXBrowser’.


at the time of new role assignment given bellow roles available.

  1. browser

2.content manager

but the third one

dynamicsaxbrowser is not available.

how can I assign role of dynamicsaxbrowser to user.


That means you are running SSRS in SharePoint integrated mode.

Follow the 2nd procedure mentioned here -