Problems creating new XmlPort and Schema in BN


I’ve managed to sucessfully install Nav and BN and get it work… My first try was to create a new template “out of the box”, instead of using one of the standard.

For my try out, i create one similar to the ProdBOM Ver XmlPort.

My steps where:

1: create Xmlport and Xml event

2: Add a procedure in code unit 8000, in order to trigger the created event and send the notification to the BN.

3:In the OnInsert trigger of the required table call the created procedure .

4: Create the schema on the BN manager, define the fields, mail structure and so on…

5: Subscribed to the Schema

So far so good, after testing the mail it’s being generated , and it’s going to the email box defined on the user subscribed page, but the field that are defined on the xmlport are empty…

I allready tried to export the xml file, via a test codeunit, and the xml it’s correct and with values, but i still dont understand why when it’s called via trigger they came empty…

Can anyone help me on this subject?

Ps: i removed the MBS_Navision_field from my xmlport, just because i still didnt understand what does this variable do…Can anyone explain me?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


Solved myself guys!

Add the following code to CU 8000, where PaymentXml is my XmlPort and PaymentDone it’s my event.

IF NOT NotificationSetup.“Send Notifications” THEN
PaymentXML.SETTABLEVIEW(GlEntry); //Set the filter
PaymentXML.PaymentDone(); //Event