problems C/ODBC and Access2000

Hello dear Forum-Team, we are testing ODBC in order to communicate between our Navision Financials Database (2.60d) and between Excel or Access2000. The main Navision Database is placed on a Microsoft-Server-2000 within a TCP/IP-Network. The Navision-Driver “Sample C/ODBC 32 bit” runs on a Win98/PIII-PC. We tryed out two different situations( ODBC Licence present on both systems): 1) A local database.fdb was placed on the WIN98 PC. Result: a) Excel (<64.000 datarows) gets the table-index (100%) but sometimes the table is empty (shows the descriptions only) or hangs (50%). b) Access 2000 sometimes don’t reach the index (unknown Error 7998, 20%). Access 2000 hangs getting Data or shows an empty table ( 70%). Access 2000 hangs making a “Sight” to the Table or shows [:(] an empty sight (70%). 2) Retrieving Data from the database.fdb on the Server2000. Result: Is as bad as above!! The Driver-options are: Commit-Cache: checked DBMS Cache: 20000 Query Time: checked Query Timeout: 120 TEMP: C:\Windows\Temp Who has an idea what is going wrong? Hermann Stottrop & Söhne KG - Berlin Wolfgang Dey

Dey try to use File DSN. Unlike the usual User DSN and System DSN gives error.