Problems after installation of NAV 2013 R2

Hi all,

I am facing two problems right now after the installation of NAV 2013 R2. I have NAV 2013 as well installed in my PC. Now after installation of NAV 2013 R2, i cannot run the objects directly from the object designer of NAV 2013.

Error 1:

One of the problem i faced is it shows the error that the instance ‘DynamicsNAV70’ is not your default settings. there may be security risks Do you really want to continue??

Error 2:

Another problem in another PC is i can run the tables and reports directly from dev. environment but only when NAV 2013 RTC is not opened. if i need to run any objects i have to close all the open RTC windows and then only i can run otherwise tables, pages do not run.

what may be the probable reasons and solutions for these issues. Need some guidance.



You need to fix some registry keys changed after installation of NAV 2013 R2. Check the following article, it includes a script to provide this kind of restore:

After fixing check also the second error, I never faced and maybe this modification can solve it as well.

Ad “Error 1” - it is not an error, it is a warning.

Otherwise - follow Daniele’s link.