Problema with Connector.

Hi everyone

I have to make one aspx page that connect with AX, but i have 1 error.

this is the code :

AxaptaCOMConnector.IAxapta2 Axapta = new AxaptaCOMConnector.Axapta2Class();

Axapta.Logon2(“com”, “com”, “SDSD”, “”, “”, “”, “”, null, null, null);

object recIdNew = Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod(“WsHandling”, “InsertActivity”, aDatos[0].ToString(), aDatos[1].ToString(), aDatos[3].ToString(), aDatos[5].ToString(), aDatos[10].ToString(), aDatos[2].ToString());

Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod(“WsHandling”, “UpdateActivity”, recIdNew, aDatos[0].ToString(), aDatos[1].ToString(), aDatos[3].ToString(), aDatos[2].ToString(), null);

Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod(“WsHandling”, “UpdateActivity_2”, recIdNew, aDatos[10].ToString(), aDatos[6].ToString(), aDatos[5].ToString(), aDatos[4].ToString(), null);

if (Securty(aDatos[0].ToString()))


Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod(“WsHandling”, “UpdateActivity_3”, recIdNew, horas, cliente, hdnIdAresResponsable.Text, int.Parse(aDatos[9].ToString()), null);


and the error is

“Error al recuperar un generador de clases COM para el componente con CLSD {XXXXXX}, Error numero 80040154”

Please i need your help … pleaseee



Please can you translate error message in English?



The error

“Error retrieving a class factory for component with COM CLSD{ (some guid) }. Number of error : 80040154”

Looks like a security issue. It’s recommended to set the identity in the application pool to configurable, and enter a proxy user with appropriate privileges on your iis server.