problem with .zup file

Hi everyone on some clients i have the problem of no saving the personal column settings. In some cases it saves just a part of the settings and sometimes nothing at all. It’s strange. They are all W2K clients. I have deleted the .zup file allready to force Navision to make a new one. But this doese not solve my problem. Thanks for help Matt

Try playing with the form properties : - savecolumnwidth - savepos - … Make it an implicit yes in stead of the default

Are you sure they are writing to their personal zup file? Make sure you have the username option in the command line set up correctly.

username option isn’t needed for that. If only one client is installed on computer everything can be saved in default fin.zup file. If couple of clients (databases) are run from this PC, then in command line of shorcut you should use id=code, where code is name of .zup file.

Yeah, Arthur that is what I meant. They need to make sure it is not the fin.zup file being updated rather than the zup associated with the username.