Problem with Web-Application Development

We have developed a Web Application in Axapta 3.0 and everything i.e all the web - objects are functioning well in the develevelopment environment.however when we import the web-application in a fresh environment (testing),we dont get any errors whatsoever the offline pages work fine but then the onlinepages on which we place our new weblet the webpages does not display anything [its plain blank] at runtime.,however in the fresh environment if we remove the weblet name from the onlinpage page weblet properties it generates a new weblet name in the properties and on refreshing the site online pages works fine. please note that we have not assigned any secruity key or for that matter configuration key or feature keys with the web-menus or menus at all so thers is no question of the pages being blank due to user based access permission , me being new on the web-development front don’t now where to get the information from for this issue does anyone have a document on this releted issue or have anyone here faced the same problem please do let me know.