Problem with VISIBLE property on Form

I’m having a problem with the VISIBLE property on a form. I have a SALES LINE form where I’ve done extensive changes for the SALES ORDER LINES. I would like to reuse the SAME FORM for SALES INVOICE LINES and just manage it with the VISIBLE property. Currently I’m putting it in a CASE Document Type OF in the OnOpenForm, but it doesn’t seam to work correctly. If I manually use the VIEW HIDE then this overrides it all, and some fields should never be visible on the Invoice line form (i.e. QTY TO SHIP). Any suggestions? I’m I not using the right trigger or? I’ve looked in all documentation I have, but I couldn’t find any usable answers - actually the documentation for the VISIBLE property is as lousy as the rest of the development documenation Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

I put the statement ‘VISIBLE(FALSE);’ into the OnFormat trigger of a field and it makes the field not visible successfully. The field still appears in the View/Hide list as hidden, but if you mark it as visible, the above statement makes it hidden so it is never actually visible. I haven’t tried the following and it’s somewhat of a kludge, but if I understand the Help file correctly, it might be another way to accomplish what you want. Put each of the fields you want to make invisible in the Invoice form into a frame (or frames). Then during the startup of the Invoice version of the form, turn off the Visible property of the frames. I think in that case, the individual fields will not be available in the View/Hide menu for the user to attempt to make visible. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

When changing visible properties i usually “touch” three triggers: OnActivateForm OnAfterGetCurrentRecord OnNewRecord It usually works fine… Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

I have this in the Dimension Value form:

Form - OnOpenForm()

Form - OnAfterGetRecord()
IF (GLSetup.“Global Dimension 1 Code” = “Dimension Code”) THEN
CurrForm.“Customer No.”.VISIBLE(TRUE)
CurrForm.“Customer No.”.VISIBLE(FALSE);

It seems to work really well and prevents the user from selecting the field even if shown in show/Hide