Problem with views

Hi, I have a problem. I have made 2 views: view1: CustTable → SalesTable → DossierLocation view2: CustTable → smmBusRelTable → smmActivities I want to display 2 grids in a form . The first one has to display data coming from the first view and the second grid has to display informations coming from the second view. I would like that when I click on a line in the first grid the second grid display the data in relation to the client of the line. For example, in the first grid there are the name of all my customers and their account number. On clicking on a customer I would like to display in the second grid all his actities. I have tried to do something but it doesn’t function: In the view1, I have created a function like: public void initValue() { view1 v1; ; super(); v1.filter(); } In the second view I have made the filter function: public void filter() { Query q = new Query(); QueryBuildRange qBR; view1 v1; view2 v2; QueryBuildDataSource qbds = q.addDataSource(TableNum(view2)); ; qbds.clearRanges(); qBR = qBDS.addRange(fieldNum(view2,AccountNum)); qBR.value(v1.AccountNum); } In the form I have 2 methods: public class FormRun extends ObjectRun { view1 v1; view2 v2; } and void init() { super(); v1.initValue(); } BUT IT DOESN’T WORK. I don’t know how I can do. HELP!! Vince

Create two datasources for your form, and set that one is “Join Source” for other (in your case Customer is join source for “actities”).