Problem with viewing projects

I’m having a bit of a problem viewing projects from the projects list form. When I open a project for viewing through right clicking and choosing open or double clicking, if the project is not a sub project and has no associated sub projects, the form opens for a new record rather than displaying the current record.

However, if I choose the edit option the record opens up in the same form absolutely fine, and I can even click the edit button at the bottom of that form to return the form to view mode and it works absolutely fine.

The only difference I can find is that edit and view use different menu items to open the form however I can’t see any difference between the menu items that would cause this sort of problem.

I’m working with dynamics AX 2012 by the way.

I’m even more confused now because I added a line at the very end of the init for the form to give the projid and recid of the record currently in this.args().record() and it is the record I am trying to open.

How can it not be displaying if the form is loaded with a record of the correct type?