Problem with updating account schedules

I have uploaded my budget with separate values for each dimension of an account.

I have an account schedule which compares actual YTD with YTD budget.

For this account, it shows the actual value but the budget value remains empty. Only when I copy the row, delete and paste into a new line it shows the YTD budget value.

I have tried updating all my analysis by dimension, and refreshing this account schedule but it does not populate the field.

This row appears several times in the account schedule. is there an easier way, rather than deleting and replacing the row every time?

I am using NAV 2013

It sounds to me like you’re hiding a column. This way the original line plus the hidden fields are set correctly when using copy, but not when entering it manually. Have you hidden any columns

Some of the columns are hidden… but I can’t get the value to update without deleting the line and pasting it in a new line.

I don’t want to create new lines though. I just want the value in the budget field to reflect the changes in the budget, which it is not doing automatically for some reason.

So let me understand it correctly:

  • You have an account schedule. You’re able to print it with correct budget values.
  • Next time you need to print it, then the budget values are not showing.
  • Until you create the line again.
  • Only one line in the account schedule doesn’t show budget, all other lines show the value correctly?

Yes that is somewhat correct :

  1. I have an account schedule. It showed actual values but left budget values blank.

  2. I uploaded my budget with dimensions etc.

  3. Most of the accounts in the shedule are now showing both actual and budget values.

  4. The account in question does not show any budget values (regardless of printing)

  5. This account only shows budget values when I copy the line in the schedule, delete it and paste it back in.

  6. This account appears more than once in the schedule, so to ensure the budget value shows, I will have to delete each and every line.

Hope this makes sense now

In order to find out what is going wrong (it must be one of the field values of the line in the account schedule that is giving you the error), then do this:

  1. From the account schedule line before showing correct value: Ctrl-Alt-F1 (About this page). Here you can see the actual table content. Export to Excel.
  2. From the account schedule line after you have edited it to show the correct value: Ctrl-Alt-F1 (About this page). Here you can see the actual table content. Export to Excel.
  3. Compare the Table fields in the two Excel sheets to see which fields are different = causing the problem.

Eventually attach the two files to your reply.

Hi Erik,

Thanks to your very useful tip, I have found that I somehow missed one of the dimensions for this account when I was loading the budget. That is why the field was showing as empty.

Apparently, copying the row did not copy any codes in the hidden columns, and that is why it was only showing up then.

I loaded the budget for the account with the missing dimensions included, and it’s working fine now.

That’s a lot, now I have another tool in my arsenal when I am troubleshooting something.

Happy to have been able to help… :slight_smile: