problem with unit cost on sales line


I am getting a different problem with sales order line .

The problem is the unit cost of 1896-s on item card is 33,411.50 while i select this item on sales order it is giving unit price as 3887.456 . I have checked the base unit of measure and sale unit of measure they are ok

So where is the wrong please tell me totally confused ,

Have you checked the currency code as well?

There is another field “Unit Cost (LCY)” which should reflect the 33411.50 mentioned.

Thank u thomas

Could you plz tell me where to check these values

Sorry if i ask u very basic question

You navigate to the sales line in question and press Ctrl+F8. Search for the “until cost (lcy)” field and check the value.

To see the curreny code you switch to the “Foreign Trade” tab in the sales order.

Thank u thomas u cleared my problem thank u very much