Problem with tracked items

There is a problem with Manufacturing 2.60 (it’s fixed in service pack 5 but just in case you haven’t applied it yet) with items where the tracking policy is not “None”. If you enter a purchase line for one of these items, it creates a record on table 337. If you then attempt to delete the item number it tells you that item does not exist. You press ESC to cancel the change which restores the item to the line but by that time the item no. on table 337 has been blanked. When you try to receive the line, it tells you that there is a mismatch with the positive reservation entry. Obviously, you fix it by putting the item no. in the record manually. This also happens on sales & requisition lines. Probably in production orders too but I didn’t bother checking them. Navision UK have acknowledged the error but as I said, it is fixed in service pack 5. Cheers, John