Problem with TimeFormat using AM/PM

The following Formatstring doesn’t return an AM / PM at the end. I tried several versions but nothing helps :frowning: EVALUATE(lti_test, ‘13:23:55’); MESSAGE(FORMAT(lti_test, 0, ‘<Hours12,2>:<Minutes,2>:<Seconds,2> <AM/PM>’)); Result is = 1:23:55 without a PM!

Here the advice from the FORMAT help:


The next table shows how these time formats will appear if the Regional setting is changed to “United States.”

HOw are your regional settings?

German … so i must program the conversion :frowning:

Hi Alexander, I know, this is no difficult case, but as I already made it, I post it here [:D] . Variable: tempString Code 2 tempString := COPYSTR(FORMAT(TIME,2,'<AM/PM>'),1,2); IF tempString <> '' THEN BEGIN CASE tempString OF 'AM' : EXIT('AM'); 'PM' : EXIT('PM'); END; END ELSE BEGIN IF (TIME > 000000T) AND (TIME < 120000T) THEN EXIT('AM') ELSE EXIT('PM'); END; It’s a function, that returns Code 2 (AM or PM), unaffectedly by the regional settings. Best Regards feri

Thanks :slight_smile: