problem with synchronization item table in a subsidary company

Hi ,

I am creating a new company as a subsidary company within group in Navision 2009 . I have got almost everything set up except for the item table. The problem I had is when I set the company up using the “set up check list”, the system told me that I cannot make changes with item table in the subsidary company. I tried to use export & import information but it returns the error message as no item has been successfully imported. I then tried to do it through "synchronization " but couldn’t do it as there is no item dimension ( product category) information has been set up. I then tried to import item dimension value but still not successful.

can someone suggest me a way to set up the item table in this subsidary company? All I need is just to set up a item table exactly like in the master company.

Many thanks

Michael Zhou

Hi Michael,
The “rapid start” of NAV 2009 was not build for synchronization in mind, but for a one-time setup.

The order you import your data matters. Like before you are can import the items, then all the associated setup values needs to be in place first. In your case, then you first need to import all the dimensions, posting groups etc.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your advice.