Problem with starting CodeUnit from VB

I red an article about “CFront-OCX Codeunits Visual Basic” on Navision Integration Forum, and suppose that you can help us to solve such a problem. We need to transmit one line from “Gen. Journal Line” of one navision attain (3.01) base to another navision attain (3.01) base (table is the same) and post it. It’s needed for transform information from one company with navision to other company with navision. Using CFRONT, We could write information, but we couldn’t start the posting process of the line. In this article it was spoked about using timer for this purpose. Write us, please, what code we must put into OnTimer trigger. Please note that we have only one navision application open, and another we only reached to by CFRONT. Thank you! Avvakumov Igor, Dataport Systems, Navision Solution Center, Russia.