Problem with standard report 10800 in NAV 2013

Hi everyone,

I am using NAV 2013 mostly in French and sometimes in English and I am having a trouble with standard report 10800…

Whenever I run the report, I get the following error message:

One or more errors occurred while closing the page.
’Month’ is not an option. The existing options are: Date,Semaine,Mois,Trimestre,Année

Date,Semaine,Mois,Trimestre,Année are the equivalents of Date,Week,Month,Quarter,Year in French.

I am getting the same message in wether I set the language in NAV to English or French.

What shall I do?

Hi Poppins,

Your “standard report” is not really a standard report available to everyone. It’s a part of the French localization of NAV 2013 (which you can see on the object number). But no matter what, then it sure sounds like the report has a bug.

May I suggest that you contact your partner and reports this error. It is not unlikely that a fix has already been made to it, otherwise it should be reported (by your partner) to Microsoft, so that they can fix it.