problem with shifting transfer order TO

Dear all I have a problem with shifting a transfer order from warehouse to anther one , showing the following message , the message is clear I can understand there is no quantity available in line 28 whereas total item line in that to is only 17 !!!

1273.error TO 144.jpg

any replay or help would be highly appreciated

Hi Mohammed Sr

Have you checked the Batch number representing that item

hello nijil I have reached to the line number 17 ( total lines in the TO are 17 only I don’t have any item available in line 18 or 28)

Dear Mohammad,

did you remove some items from the TRO and then again you added the line in TRO .

Example → You add some items then you removed that items from TRO and added other items, this will create numbers of line.

hope this will help you.

hello hussain thanks for the reply. is there any way to delete the unsed lines?

Dear Mohammad,

i cannot say no because in ax anything is possible as far as microsoft has allowed so.

in purchase order if we have not confirm the purchase order for single time then there is a renumber option under update line which we can use in ur case but for purchase order i dont have idea about transfer order, wait for the other option from our expert and i will also watch the same if we can get such solution.