Problem with shell function

Hello people, I have a problem. I attempts a text file with the Shell function send to Com1. my syntax: SHELL(‘’,‘copy’, ‘/c’, ‘c:\Kasse\Etti.epl’ ,‘com1’); with the run Report, start , is not executed any command waht’s wrong. I write this syntax directly in the file is copied and the printer work. does somebody have a tip for me?

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Two mistakes and one new suggestion: 1) The device name for Com1 is not “COM1” but “COM1:” (don’t forget the colon “Doppelpunkt” at the end) 2) The correct DOS-command would read:

COPY C:\Kasse\Etti.epl COM1: 

Therefore one can assume that the appropriate shell-command in C/SIDE (not tested) should read: SHELL(‘COMMAND.COM /C’,‘copy C:\Kasse\Etti.epl COM1:’); Suggestion: There is a utilitiy available for accessing COM ports directly. See: However this might not be useful in your case. With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian