Problem with setcurrentkey in matrixbox/ sql 2.6

I´m having a problem when I´m trying to get a certain sorting on my headings in a matrixform. The form is like the form 522. The headings is located in the right window in the matrixbox. I tried with this code “CurrForm.KundArtikelRabMatris.MatrixRec.SETCURRENTKEY(Beskrivning)” and I get very strange behavior. Only the first column is showing and the values is gone. When I press “show all” everything is working fine, but when I press “show all” again then only one column is showing. It is very strange and it works very fine in a fdb database but NOT in sql database! If I remove the code “CurrForm.KundArtikelRabMatris.MatrixRec.SETCURRENTKEY(Beskrivning)” everything is working but now the sorting is BAD…I use Navision 2.6D sql. Anyone who knows anything about this???

I don’t know if it solves your problem but we noticed that sql’s behavior related to matrix-forms depends on using form.RUNMODAL instead of form.RUN. Willy

It works!!! A big thank you! Edited by - rambo299 on 2001 Jul 25 13:39:14

Put the code in the trigger OnOpenForm CurrForm.KundArtikelRabMatris.MatrixRec.SETCURRENTKEY(Beskrivning)" Normally it’s ok.