Problem with SalesLine Validation?

I am running into a problem when trying to insert “comment” sales lines using Scribe Insight. In NAV’s Role-Tailored Client, we can click to add a new sales line, put in a description (for example “Print this comment!”) and then remove the Type so it won’t look for an item number. This works fine and if you view the row in NAV Classic, it has a type of 0.

But if I try to use Scribe to put in a comment, it gives me “Type must not be [blank]”, EVEN if I specify type 0. They sent me this link when I asked for help:…/how-can-i-conditionally-validate-certain-fields-on

However nothing they gave me to try fixed the problem. Eventually they settled on:

"This really isn’t an issue of Scribe being “broken” (as Support handles break/fix issues), but is regarding manipulating/designing the dts to work with NAV per requirements from NAV .

As noted in the article we sent you: “We have also had at least one consultant modify parts of the validation logic to look for empty strings in specific fields and conditionally execute the validation logic. That is not a solution we would outline here but a qualified NAV consultant could help you with this type of resolution to the issue.”

Does anyone here have any experience with this sort of thing? I would hate to have to pay for Scribe’s consulting when there are plenty of knowledgeable people out there who could probably help me out (Especially given that Scribe charges an arm and a leg for anything).

Have you tried to directly write the comment in the Description field without selecting the type first.

If its only a comment then write it in the sales line comment table.

You can check comment in the Order button in sales order for each sales line.

From the information offered thru the link you supplied to Scribe Software, it does look like you’ll need to make these changes in the DTS that scribe executes. You or your selected expert will need to get hip-deep into that bit of code to resolve this issue, I believe.

So, you’re probably looking for someone who is familiar with Scribe and/or DTS in general. You might check with your solution center if you’re affiliated with one. You could also solicit some of the folks here to gather information on rates and qualifications. I don’t think this is something that anyone could solve absolutely without first looking at the DTS plan that Scribe is running. Is that something you’d be able to post here? Doing that might at least help you narrow the field of support contenders.

As an aside, I’m reminded of a valuable business caveat I came across years ago … Be leary of bargins on parachutes and brain surgeons! The money you save may cost you more that it’s worth.


For the first reply:

Yes, I tried in the DTS to just have a line number, order number to link it to, and description. Still didn’t work. I know there is a separate comments field, but we have a template for printing order confirmations and it will only print the sales lines, so we put our visible comments as sales lines with no item number specified.

As far as the DTS goes, I could certainly upload it, but I’m not sure what good that would do. I created a new one just to test that literally has nothing but the SalesLine as a target and the 3 things I mentioned above. But I would be happy to upload whatever you want.

Right then. If you’re still raising that error even on your bare-bones DTS plan, then there is either something native to Scribe using DTS that raises the error, or something that causes NAV to raise the error. It would be very difficult to speculate as to exactly what that might be without first-hand observation of the process or prior experience with the same issue.

If you’re not able to find the solution yourself, and no one else volunteers, then I think you’re going to need to hire the work out to someone.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Your questions did prompt me to download the demo license for Scribe though. Maybe I’ll know something in a couple of weeks, who knows?

How is the data validated from Scribe, there must be code written in scribe to validate the NAV data before it has been inserted into NAV tables.

So scribe can check if item no is blank and there is some description then it is comment to be inserted.

If NAV allows via its own GUI then it should allow from outside also.

Yeah, I’m not quire sure how it works. There are validation rules that we had to import when we first set up Scribe.