Problem with Roles and Responsibility

Hi, I would like know if some body can help me in this issues In our company work flow we have 3 persons doing Purchasing operation. 1- who creates PO 2- Who receive the Good and Updates the Navision System 3- Received the Supplier’s invoice and updates to the system Now the roles of second person is to Update the serial and lot details in Navision and then confirm the stock.( or Post a receipt ) So he need a screen which should not display the Price etc. is there some way how we could handle this issue without customising or writing codes. If so please do let me know how to do the roles. Best Rgds

Hi, As per my experience we can filter the records while defining the roles. We can not restrict/hide the colum as user specific without customization.

Rajeshj is correct that field level control on a form is not possible as standard. Don’t know if you have access to the following but you might try: 1. Using the warehouse receipt functionality. Warehouse receipt documents do not show pricing information. 2. Remove pricing information from the order form and do the invoice update via Purchase Invoice / get receipt function. regards, Adam Seaton