Problem with Report Size


I customized the PurchRFQSend report with all alignments but when I opened the report the font is very small and report is not visible properly.

Please help me ASAP…

did you modified standard print method in that report?

We didn’t modified the print method in that report.

Comment the code in print() method and try to run the report once…

You will have fields overlapping each other on the report or fields that exceed page width.

Right-click generated design and click ‘edit’ to view fields and this will give a visual indication of field position and width on the report layout.

Also printing out a copy of the report might show which fields are overlapping on the paper.


I tried the same what U said but it is not working actually. Please see the attached report and suggest me the good one.

Clearly the field in the middle of the page is massivley overlapping the text is away off the page as i said previously.

Set the field width on that string field to 40 char and set height to 3 or 4 char for example.

If you don’t understand me send me a message and I will give you my e-mail address and you can send me the XPO - I will fix it for you.


Sure I’ll send the XPO tell me your Email Id.



Sure I’ll send the XPO tell me your Email Id.


I am waiting on e-mail?

Sent you my e-mail address via message.

I’m looking at the report you sent me over…

This is common sense - you have a Portrait report with fields sitting 120Char from left and width of 50char, obviously it is going to overlap the report page.

You need to reduce Char from Left and Width as well to have everything on one page - or else use landscape instead of portrait.

A standard A4 piece of paper is roughly 30cm in width and you have fields sitting 40 or 50cm from the left of the page, obviously there is going to be a page sizing issue.

You need to fix every field that is overlapping.