Problem with report printing

Hi everyone,

I made a classic report(Nav 2009) with a body and a footer…the body consists almost of text(labels) but it is really too long(the report is based on a text that should normally takes many pages)…

The problem is that when I try to run or preview the report, I got only a part of the body displayed on a page, the rest is not…and I get the footer displayed on a second page…

So, what shall I do to get the whole body displayed(on many pages)???and how to get the footer displayed on every page???

I am really new to NAV reports so maybe the answer is obvious but I am missing it :mrgreen:


Did you change the page size in the report designer? The size should match your labels.

I don’t have a single label, I have many small labels…

So, how to do that???How can I force the report to move to the next page when the current page is full???

Change Orientation from Portrait to Landscape.