Problem with ProdJournal in Production modul

I need help in Production!!! Need expert’s advice in Production Please!anybody

What kind of help?? :slight_smile: It would be nice to know what your problem is to help you.

conditions: Ordered 300 units.ReservOrdered 300 units.PhisicalInvent 0. ReserveOnOrdered Yes. Total on store -300 (my conception). questions: I’m trying to registered 100 units, but system error appearance:impossible registred 100 units, because quality in sight will become negative.

Hi Alexey, You should try to post this kind of questions on the user forum if you want a fast solution. In developer usually people talk about implementing new stuff/enhancing features in Axapta rather than using the existing functionality. Regards, Ciprian

Hi,Ciprian Dudau! Thank you for advice! But functionality has been customized.