Problem with permissions on citrix users on 4.00 sp2 /SQL

[8-)]We have just migrated to 4.00 sp2 and some users are having problems. One user who logged on this morning was timed out at lunch and then we can not get him back on track. Citrix says that “userid or password doesnt’t match.” Another user had a simular problem but after “syncronizing user” we got her back. What can we do about this? Who have had simular problems?



I have no Idea on Citrix but can share my experience with SQL.

If there are changes done to User Roles & Permissions- Please Synchronize. If the problem still persists then delete the User ID and recreate the Roles & Permissions and synchronize. While synchronizing remember that all users must log out.

If it works fine for time being and shows up later, I suggest there was something wrong while Installing your Citrix Server. We had the same Issue with SQL and we had to Reinstall the SQL for our Client and there after we didn’t have Issues.

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Thanx Panjam!

After syncronation again last n8 the user got on ok this morning. But, this morning two other users had the same problem … will try to close out all user at lunch and do another synk.


It seems as it was a Citrix problem. The client didnt get a Terminal Server CALS licens from some of the servers in the Citrix farm. This could be seen in the registry by:



Yeah… I guess the same! the Citrix server Issue!!

This is known bug fixed in SP3. It is not connected to Citrix. We have this problem of one user on our system. This user was working. One day he reported, that he is not able to login. I synced the permissions, he logged on. Next day, he was not able to login… etc.etc. Problem disappeared after we upgraded technically to SP3 (of course, we are using the Simple security model now). I was talking about that with MS guys on Convergence EMEA and they confirmed this bug.