Problem with orders using non-base unit of measure

We are using Navision 2.60 and moving to Navision 3.70. It looks like there’s an incompatibility (in Navision 3.70) between specifying lot tracking for a product and placing purchase orders using a unit of measure different from the base unit of measure For those orders, the following error message is displayed when posting the receipt. “Qty per unit of measure must be 1 in Posted Whse. Receipt Line Nº …” That means that for any product that uses lot tracking, only accepts orders expressed in base unit of measure. This is a huge problem for us. Did anyone face this problem ? any workaround or suggestion ? Any idea is welcome. Thanks in advance, Osvaldo Nestares ( Example: Product “Acetonitrilo” has lot tracking and it’s base unit of measure is “L”. If we place an order using unit of measure “25L” then it will fail at reception.