Problem with new article

Hey there!

I’m working with testing environment. I’d like to create new released product but I can’t create operation details for it.

I have operation for example “A” but I can’t post it because the operation A is assaigned to other route.

Can I assaign one operation “A” to two different routes? I can create new operation but I don’t know how to activate it.

Please, help.


From your new released product create the route from the engineering tab. Press teh create new option, build it and when you have to activate it press the activate button in the top ribbon.

Operations can be in any route, it is a code and description, there is an operation relation but this just means the same operation in the same route gets the same time.

Still doesn’t work.
Maybe I will try to explain you better my issue.
My task is to create new released product and later use it in production.
So at first I create the resource for this article next I create properties and now I create released product.
I also create route for this. I approved everything. I added trade agreemnets etc. but when I’m trying to post sales order I got warning: Record cannot be added as referenced operation is used in an approved route.
If you need additional information, please write to me.

Okay you asked how to create a route, now you are saying you issue is at posting a sales order - please describe what “posting” this is, and post the error message.

I didn’t asked about creating route. My problem is that when I’m trying post(accept/approve) sales order and create production order I got error message: An approved route cannot be modified.
So I think that I could change the operation in route. If I’m going to Production control/setup/operations and here I’d like to create another Operation and I want to activate it but I don’t know which option use to do it.
If I would activate new operation I could see if the problem is resolved.

An approved route can be modified.
Operations are simply a code and description, there is no activation, they are added to routes.

From this post you are saying you are creating the production order as a direct reference from the sales order and the system is telling you “An approved route cannot be modified”. I would suggest you get a develoepr to debug this, because that is non-standard code, as standard the active route for the item on the sales line is used in the creation of the production order and it is then created.

Adam thank you for advice.
It is strange because my collegue created the same sales order and production order and his article works good.
I made all steps the same as he but in the last step when I’m trying to create Production Order I got alert which I wrote to you.

Then there is something in your creation, but I would debug or check customizations because I am not aware of anything in standard to call that message. Also check LCS in case this is a known issue.

Could you tell me where can I check LCS? I’m the begginer user of AX.
I have to follow all cycles which I created?

Print screen.png

Adam I have one more question to you. Maybe you are able to answer me.

I need to create new operation so I’m going to PRODUCTION CONTROL/SETUP/OPERATION and I got the table with Operations.

I can create new operations for example AZ1_V but I can’t activate it. Do you know where can I do it?

That is not standard AX, that is a customization you have in your system or is related to an ISV. Look at the documented specification around the change if you have one.

Check the details in the AOT and see field numbers and references etc.

I resolved case. Thank you. The topic is closed.

Would you like to explain how it was resolved and then mark it as resolved?