Problem with nav 2009 r2 calssic report section.

Dear Friends,

I have modified the Purchase Invoice report (405). It’s working fine but there is a small problem that is i have two section header & body from one integer table.

while run the report body section will be print based on no of purchase order lines. but header section is printing in every page if i have update the property print on ever page as yes for header section. Otherwise header printing only on first page.

But i need header should be correspond with body. And also header can’t print on every page.

Plese any one help me



Hi Srinivas,

Do I understand your problem correctly that you added two body and two header sections to the existing standard report?

If you start working with multiple headers, then you’re correct that the “print on every page” easily get messed up, so that option should only be used for the real and general page headers.

Instead maybe you can use the “transheaders”?