Problem with NAS and ADCS

I am STILL having considerable problems in getting an ADCS demo to work on VT100 via Hyperterminal so decided to install one service at a time to try to indentify the problem. NAS will not initiate properly and event viewer shows the message: Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision has not been set up to allow you to use Windows login. Contact your system manager. However… the database HAS been set up for Windows login - can anyone help please???

I heard that you must add a special file to you Windows file system / user management system for Navision to be able to use. The file is located on the CDROM.

This is for SQL, there is a stored procedure necessary to work with Windows Logins. Are you on SQL?

I have given up trying to install ADCS on XP Pro and tried to install it on 2000 server with little more luck. I have used the windows utility to remove all but one NAS from the services (classic NOT SQL) and now event viewer gives me the message “synch queue problem” and then VT 100 will obviously not work. I HAVE the MS loopback adapte installed and all other network adapters disabled

Check the documentation, sounds like the pipename in registry for the ADCS is wrong, this pipename is by default set to Cronus International, so if you install anything else than the WW version, the pipe name will need to be edited.