Problem with multiselected rows on grids

Hi all,

I have a form (WMSPickingRegistration) with 2 grids, the second grid (datasource WMSOrderTrans) shows details about the selected row on the first grid (datasource WMSPickingRoute).

When I multiselect on the first grid, I have one record on the second grid. If I have a look on the link property (delayed) on form datasource WMSOrderTrans, it’s normal.

My question is : how can I have my second grid populated with all records relative to the selected lines on the parent grid?

how can I specify the range on my child grid to be filled with each record selected on my parent grid.

Please help

Hi Thomas,

I am looking for exact the same solution and found your question.

Have you found already a solution?

I am still searching and trying

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Hi Geert,

If I remember, my problem was that I have a report displaying datas about the lines relative to the selected record on top grid, I wanted all lines of grid 2 relative to multiselect on grid 1, I solve my problem with modifying my report, I didn’t do any modification on the form and didn’t search further on form. You should submit the problem on, there’s some good X++ gurus there.



Hi Thomas,



Please go through following link, may be it will help you to get selected records from one page to another page or form one grid to another grid. If still you are facing issues then let me know, I will send you my code which later I can explain you and help you to solve your issues.


Hi Geert,

Hope this links help you to solve your problme of selecting multiple records from one gird and getting selected records on another grid.


Hi Himanshu,

I don’t see an example of a form with a header and a detail, where a multiselect in the header result in an updated detail data source.

grtz Geert

Hi Himanshu,

I found the solution for my problem.

I don’t show all details for the selected header records, but I activate the detail datasource while looping through the selected header files using

for(common = form_ds.getFirst(true)?form_ds.getFirst(true):PurchTable_ds.cursor();


common = form_ds.getNext())



localPurchTable = common;







thank you for your help