Problem with Matriks & 3.60a

Hi, We are wondering if anyone else encountered the following problem: Server: NT 4.00 (Old) Client: Win98 Second Edit. / Office 2000 (Not working) Window 2000pro / Office XP (Not working) Window 2000pro / Office 2003 (Working under Local Admin, but not Network User Id or Admin) Software: Navision 3.60a (Client and Server) Matriks Version Matriks license file was re-obtained from vendor. Problem: About 3 weeks ago this stopped working. Network people stated nothing happened. You are able to view an existing document but not create new one’s. Depending on the workstation you get a blank screen or ( [Sell-To Name] field names ) appearing instead of the merged Data files.

Firstly Navision 3.60a on Wn98 is going to be pretty unstable. Yes itwill work, but forget about it being reliable. Next I a reading between the lines here, (since you didn’t actually says what is not working), but my guess is that the problem is with Matiks Doc that when you try to import a new file into Navision, is that correct? Or is it when you create the new holder record in Navision. To me it looks like a security issue, so question 1 is “Where are you storing your Matriks docs, in the Navision Database, or on a remote server?”


Network people stated nothing happened.

Yeah right… What they really mean, is “We didn’t make any major changes to Navision”, they may have forgotten to mention that they moved the Martiks data onto a new Win 2003 server, and canged the AD configuration" or something like that.

Sorry, I am sure I have read this wrong, can yo explain what the issue is, threee reads, and each time I understand it diferently. Is it the function to create a mail merge type document?

Problem he is having is the same as I have. Client is on a server NT server 4.00 with workstations Win98, Win2000pro, WinXP pro. This is a straight connection from client to server. They use matriks as a word template interface. When they click Matrik the program opens a word template with fields on the right side (Navision). The user uses those fields to create the template. Then when in the system, they request a Matrik document. WORD pop’s up with the fields populated. Well this doesn’t happen anymore. It just comes up with the field name just like the word template: To: [Sell-to Contact Name] etc. The documents onces merged are stored in the FDB (Matriks stuff). Yes, I did contact the VAR and got a new license file, still no luck. Thanks.