Problem with item weight selection.

Hi Experts,

My client records the output of manufacturing in both weight and numbers.

So weight of one item is equal to total weight/no.s

Each time he produces a same item its weight may vary might be in grams.

So my requirement is i want to create a batch No. for each and evary Item created so that if i select the batch number in the sales line it should update the weight automatically.

For example i am manufacturing Item A

If i am manuf. for the 1st time for 10 pieces i will get weight of each piece as say 5.2kilogram

if i manuf. the same item for one more 10 pieces for the second time i will get the weight of each piece as 5.4kg

so my requirement is when i select 20 pieces in the sales line i should get weight as 5.210+5.410=106kgs.

so how to achive this requirements.

Thanks in Advance.

Nothing in NAV as standard will give you this. There are vertical add-on solutions that cater for these requirements, I would recommend you look at them, otherwise set aside a lot of time for specifications, development and testing, and I mean a lot of time.