Problem with Form Templates


I am using Dialog form(form from template) and i am connecting 4 tables as data source to that form (1 Master table and 3 child table). All the details are added to the form as Seperate groups(ie details of 4 tables are seperated as four groups). whenever i want to create a new record only the first group value is getting cleared not the rest of the three groups. can anyone provide me the solution for this problem. i want to clear all the field values whenever i press (ctrl +n).

currently am working in ax 2012

How are child tables linked to the master table?

the Master table has a field (ID) is specified in all its child table.

ie(Mastertable.ID == childTable.ID).

ID is of String Datatype

could you please elaborate more…

Having a relation on table level is not sufficient, you have to also set a parent data source (JoinSource property) and the type of link or join (LinkType property) on form data sources.

You’ll find details in documentation (Data Sources for Forms [AX 2012]).