Problem with flf file

Since the installation of the new and definitive license file fin.flf, the database connections work very, very slowly. We installed it on some clients, locally under the program files directory. After installation, the speed of all clients was catastrophic ! After deleting the local fin.flf, we do not have any problems with the speed. We received the flf file by mail (not zipped). Please, can you help me about this problem ? With best regards

It has got to be a coincidence. I doubt that installing a new licence would have slow down the performance of your system. Look out for another reason for your problem …

Just interested, why do you need a local copy of the license? Why don’t the clients read the server license? I agree with Tarek - don’t see any way a license can effect performance.

When the client first starts is reads the data from the local license. Once connected to the server the server’s license is used. DjangMan