Problem with Datatype Character

Hi All, Navsions Datatype Char is only assigned from 0 to 255. And that’s my Problem. For Example: In Word, or something else, 133 is another sign as 0133. But in Navision the leading 0 is ignored and both values give the same sign. And Values as 1234 are not allowed :frowning: But i need this functionality for values like 0133. Is there a workaround? Or something else i can do? Thanks in advance. Greetings, Frank

No, Navision has no support for UniCode (two bytes per character). Most of the ‘special’ characters have an equivalent in the ASCII 128…255 range, though. John

What are u needing it for? for keeping a char in a field or for using them in a text one? (if you just need to keep a char in the database for using it with external programs or exporting the value of the char you can try using an integer instead). Regards from L.A. – Alfonso Pertierra Spain Western Computer Los Angeles, California