problem with cost

Hi experts,

I got a small problem with cost of item manufactured.

I had created and item a , b, c with each item cost as 10.

so with these 3 items i want to manufacture item x.

So what is the process for manufacturing.Sorry experts i have tried the process and i got the output but iam not getting cost so plz tell me the process of manufacturing as well as getting cost.

Sorry if i post long question. Thank u

What costing method are you using?

Assuming you are not standard then the following should work.

i) Consume the material in the production journal/consumption journal/.

ii) Report the output into stock.

iii) Finish the production order.

iv) Run the adjust cost item entry routine (assuming you have fully invoiced all the consumed parts from suppliers)

Thank u adam iam clear with your answer,but what exactly finish prod.order mean and how to do that

Functions - Change Status - Finished.