Problem with blank when creating a new record

hi friends

i have a test card its like customer master when i am creating new record i have to create by pressing f3 then it is automatically recording a blank record in the tabel (even i add 10 rec one blank rec is there). why is that ?



Hi Satheesh,

When you say the card is like the customer card - is it based on the customer table?

The customer table has code in the OnInsert to check if the “No.” is blank and assign from a no. series.

hi Dave

Thanx for your responce.

I dont want to use a noseries.



Hi Satheesh,

Can you give me more information on what you what to acheive and what table the card is for?


In general Navision always clears the primary key of a record when creating a new one with “F3”.

There are several ways to assign a primary key to the record:

  • Keeping the primary key field empty and let the OnInsert trigger of the ta´ble to the rest for you (as done in Customer table).
  • For multiple field primary keys with an integer as last field in key (Line No.), set a filter to the other fields and utilize the “AutoSplitKey” functionality of Navision forms (see Sales Order Subform)
  • You can use the “OnNewRecord” trigger of the form to assign a value to the primary key.

And …

… please be more precise when asking your questions. It is not clear what you want to achieve.