problem with backup

hi ,

iam using nav 4.0 SP2 i took backup from one system and used the backup in another system of nav 4.0 sp2 and made some alterations.

But when i get that backup and kept it in original system the file is not getting read.

It is showing in unsupported file format.


What do you mean by the file is not getting read?

Is there actually a file called something.fbk, but when you try to restore it Navision throws an error about unsupported file format?
Or has the file somehow been created without the .fbk-extension, and now you don’t see it in the Open File dialogue?

As i understand your situation, you have created a native backup from a 4.0 SP2.
This backup you’ve restored in another 4.0 SP2.
In the other 4.0 SP2 you did some alterations, and created a new backup?
Now you can’t restore backup2 in the first DB.

Is that correct?
If so, have you tried to create a new backup from the second DB, and tried to restore that instead?