Problem with Automation Events

We declared a global variable of the type Automation (Excel), and set the WithEvents property for the variable to Yes, but we couldn’t see any automatically generates triggers for the events. Do you know if the Events that the component provides exist. Is it correct to looking for them in Form Triggers? Another problem. How can we create the events for ActiveX Component(VB) which can be seen from C/SIDE. Thank you!

I think it’s not possible ! Navision doesn’t support CallBack no?? If possible, I’m interessed …

Attain supports events from automation object not from ActiveX components. Sounds strange that the triggers don’t show up. I get plenty of them when using e.g. the application-interface.

Dear Sirs! I was very pleased to recieve your help. You said that it was strange to listen that the triggers didn’t show up. But It’s realy indeed. I can’t see any, trying to use Excel as Automation and VB ActiveX as OCX Component. That’s why I’d like to ask you about the particulars in that way. Besides, you said that Attain supported events from automation object not from ActiveX components. Did you want to say that I couldn’t get any event from VB ActiveX component that I’ve cold from Navision? I look forward to the pleasure of hearing from you soon.