Problem with Attain 3.00W1

Hi all, some days ago i started our first project with attain/3.00. The version we use is 3.00W1 (built number of fin.exe is Something is wrong with the report-designer. The wizard works the same way than in former versions. But then i’m not able to insert anything manually in the sections. No insert of fields from the field-list and no insert of a control from the tool box works. The mouse-pointer changes to the symbol that shows me that i can drop the selected control from the tool box. Then, when clicking the mouse, the mouse pointer changes again to normal. As if the new control would have been dropped correctly. But nothing happens. The same with copy and paste - no chance to insert anything in the sections. All other design areas, like forms or tables work absolutely normal. I tested the problem with NT and 98 on different machines. Same problem. Any ideas ???

Strange The problem does not exist in my W1version //Lars

This is a known problem. According to Navision NL it will be solved in 3.01 Willy P.S. The fields are inserted in the sections. You just don’t see them. Leave the sections and view them again. Edited by - wex on 2001 Sep 03 15:59:01

Everything OK in Attain W1 3.01a RGDS Gedas