Problem with Approval Setup template

Dear Forum,

This is regarding the approval setup. I have set the document approval accoding to the requirements and ran a test report and they all seems to work just fine. But time to time I’m getting the error of"Import approval template". As I know there is no manually approval template process in Dynamics NAV 5.1.

Then I check the Approval setup table (table ID 452) in object designer and there is a change in the overdue template and approval template. In cronus demo company there is “*” sign in that field but in the company that we have created that sign is not there. I have tried to copy this sign into our databse but still no luck, I think this is a BLOB.

The approval setup is working from time to time but then its asking to import the template . Sometimes it works and some times it works only as far as sending approvals and approving. The orders arent getting released also. So I was wondering is this a system bug or something. Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this problem? Would appriciate all the input that you can give me.

Many Thanks,


Hi Chamil,

if you are using email notification, the mail template file should be exported from Cronus and import into your company. if you are not using email notification simply untick the notification in the approval setup and proceed.