Problem with applying filter in ABC

I have created a page in C#/ASP.NET that uses ABC (Axapta Business Connector) to connect to Axapta. I am using query construction code, and adding a range filter. The problem is that filter doesn’t work. No erros are generated, and I get whole table. I have tried VB sample that uses Customer Table and Name for filtering but I doesn’t filter either. Here is my code ax = new Axapta2Class(); ax.Logon2("u", "p", "", "", "", "", "", false, "", ""); IAxaptaObject axQuery = ax.CreateObject("Query", "", "", "", "", "", ""); IAxaptaObject axDataSource = (IAxaptaObject) axQuery.Call("AddDataSource", ImpacRadSumaTableId, "", "", "", "", ""); IAxaptaObject axRange = (IAxaptaObject) axDataSource.Call("AddRange", 50006,"","","","",""); axRange.Call("Value", "1..4", "", "", "", "", ""); IAxaptaObject axQueryRun = ax.CreateObject("QueryRun", axQuery, "", "", "", "", "");

Hi Bojan, I have tested you solution in VB6 and it seems to be working well. I tried with custtable & accountnum (which is a string), for a range of “4001…4005”, then on custtable & refzipcode (int), for a range of “…7500”, using the demodata set, in Axapta 3.0/SP2. Please let us know: does is work clearly without the range? how are you testing the output - like outputing to a control, a variable etc.?