Problem while using Mail component with SQL Server


we tried to register the Mail Components coming with Nav 5 on a machine running Nav 4 and a SQL Server. We also imported Codeunit 400 and its setup. The registration of the mail components was successfully.

Sending a mail from Nav 4 native database works fine. But when sending the same mail with the same objects imported in Nav 4 SQL database I get an error: “Automation instance couldn’t be created …” as if the registriation wasn’t did.

Any ideas?

you are doing this all on the same machine/OS?

Yes, it is a VPC with Win2kSP3 and SQL Server Express. Our standard VPC for Development. IIS Components are installed.

If it works on classic db, it should work on sql. I woulnd’t know why.

The problem is solved. We had two client folders on the VPC and started SQL Server Option from the one which hasn’t the dll in it [:$]