Problem while exporting to excel

While exporting the Balance Sheet fron the Accounting schedule that I created to excel. I got the following message as appearing in my attachment. THe same message comes when I try to print the document as well. WHAt could be the reason? Please Guide The messege that appears is as follows THis messege is for C/Al Programmers The call to member name failed. Microsoft Excel returned the following messege: While renaming a Sheet or chart,u entered an invalid name. Try one of the following: * MAke sure that the name you entered does not exceed 31 charecters etc… I’ll be glad if someone can suggest what the solution could be.

Hi Ramanan, This error comes only when Sheet name contains following characters /?*[ or ]. or If the sheet name contains more than 31 characters. Excel will accept only 31 characters(max.) for sheet name.