Problem when creating a new fiscal year in Navision

In 2016 Jan, we changed the costing method from the actual average cost to the standard cost. When we create 2016 fiscal year, the system told us “You do not have permission to delete from the Avg. Cost Adjmt. Entry Point table” and the creation is failed.

Is there any setting problem? Because when we went back the backup database which is still the average cost, we can create 2016 fiscal year.

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The problem is, that it is (almost) impossible to change costing method, and it’s not related to creating new FY or whatever else.

It is by design, if an Item has already any transaction entered, you can NOT change costing method for this particular Item, even then, when current Qty is ZERO. If you search this forum for “change costing method” you’ll get many previous answers to this issue, but in short - you must create NEW Items with the required costing method, then post -/+ Qty adjustments with accurate costing data from previous Items.

It’s almost “mission impossible” if Inventory is large, but it is the only way you can expect leaving you with (more or less) accurate COGS in future.