problem when calculating vAT

Hi Experts,

I had made all the setups required for calculating vat.

But when i add excise and vat to the structure and add it to PO excise is getting calculated but not VAT.

It is showing as 0 Plz help me.

I have assigned vat prod.posting groups to vendors and item cards.

Can you detail the VAT product posting group, the VAT business posting group, the setup and the attributes of the order you have. It can then be answered as a VAT only question, but of course it may be a localisation and Excise conflict/setup issue.

So I take it from this

You have resolved the issue.

I would appreciate some feedback so you can post the answer and resolve it.

If you do not you might find people willing to reply to you become lass and less.

Also can you stop posting in the develoeprs forum when they are not developement question. For localised posting use the correct forum, otherwise it is the end users, or supply chain etc.