Problem using ConnectServerandOpenDatabase()

Hi! In the past I wrote some applications using c/front. The connection to the database was established with the old style methods like ConnectServer(), Login() and so on. Since Attain there’s a new method ConnectServerandOpenDatabase() that combines some of the old style methods and has some additional features. Now I tried to change an existing VB application in order to use the ConnectServerandOpenDatabase() method. But when I run the application I get the following error message: “You do not have permission to run the ‘C/FRONT’ System. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed.” The only version of the Navision software on my computer is Attain 3.60 (client, server, c/front). I also used LoadLicenseFile() to ensure that the correct file is used. My license contains the following granules: 1,750 Tools - C/OCX 1,800 Tools - C/FRONT Any ideas why the call of the new method fails? Michael

I am having the exact same problem, was there a solution to this problem?

Try use SetNavisionPath() before calling connect. Problem is that cfront can’t find cfront files and license file, it’s looking in curr. dir.

The solution we found was that we had to open the local Navision database on the user PC then update the licence file. Once we had updated the licence we could then use ConnectServerandOpenDatabase() from VB to connect to our SQL Server database (which had a copy of the licence in the database). Not very impressive for implementation [V]