problem to import lead time calculation field

the poblem is in old system lead time calculation field in number, when try to insert it the error message shows.

Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision

The date formula ‘14’ should include a time unit.Time units can be: D,WD,W,M,Q or Y.C, meaning current time unit based on date, can be specified as a prefix to the time unit.


How can i cast the no field int time units.

For example

Lead Time Calculation Fields.


how convert these no in day, time


The required entry needs a time definition, so you need to convert your figure of 14 into 14D, so add a D onto your variable in code before assigning it to the field, assuming your original lead times are all days.

please tell me about 7.5D ,11.25D, 10.25D

how can i covert like this.

You are posting your lead time into a variable.

You then push this information into another variable, but at the same time add the “D”. so variable +D.

Then this variable is pushed to the lead time field.

At least that is how I think I did it in the past.

I am afraid you cannot have half of a day or other fractions as lead time in Navision. Expected Receipt Date and other fields are date fields and not DateTime.