problem running developer cross reference in AX2009


I’m trying to run the AOT cross-reference in AX2009, path from GUI is
<Tools / Development Tools / Cross-reference / Periodic / Update> and with
the Update Data Model & Update Type hierarchy fields checked.

I receive the following error when attempting the above: <User is not
authorized to delete a record in table ‘XREFTABLERELATION’.Request denied.
Cannot edit a record in Table relations (xrefTableRelation). Access denied:
You do not have sufficent authorization to modify data in database.>

This is a test DB so I should have all rights, went to Security/Development
/Tables and saw I had full control of nodes Cross-Reference (ID: 516, config Key
SysDevelopmentMorphX, security Key SysDevelopmentTables) and Cross-referenced
AOT paths (ID: 515, config Key SysDevelopmentMorphX, security Key
SysDevelopmentTables), but not node Cross reference Type Hierarchy
(ID: 554, config Key SysDevelopmentMorphX, security Key SysDevelopmentTables).
This node says no access. I’m assuming that’s the problem but not sure.

I’m stuck here. Does anyone have a idea how to make this work?